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Toyota GR Supra

One look at the 2020 Toyota GR Supra and you’ll know this is no ordinary sports car. It doesn’t have the prestige of its European counterparts, but this Japanese brand is more than ready to take a bigger share of the pie. The new Supra is Toyota’s purest expression of modern-day automotive performance.

A 3.0-liter inline six provides power to the new Supra. This new powertrain delivers 335 ponies with a corresponding 365 lb-ft of torque. The twin-scroll turbocharger redefines responsiveness, allowing drivers to take full control of the throttle with millimeter precision. It is not a Formula 1 car that can blitz to 60 in less than 2 seconds. But being able to do so in 4.1 seconds is not something to be ashamed of. The GR Supra tops the tracks at 155 MPH. This is still slower than Japanese rival Nissan’s GT-R top speed of 195 MPH.

Toyota says that it wants to create a well-balanced sports car. The GR Supra comes with an ideal weight distribution of 50:50. This doesn’t translate to better performance, however, as the more important consideration is the location of the car’s center of gravity. For instance, no one can question the handling and performance of Formula 1 racecars. These automotive masterpieces have a weight distribution of at least 40:60 in favor of the rear.

The GR Supra remains a venerable machine despite questionable design philosophies. It sources its DNA from the 2000GT. This 2-door fastback of the late 1960s provided the blueprint for the 2020 Supra. From its classic lines to the smooth inline six and the rear-wheel drive layout, every bit of history is in the new Supra.

Toyota’s 2020 GR Supra is not lightning-quick, but it sure can provide an experience that is different from what European supercars can offer. It won’t be long before aftermarket tuners turn this into the tuner car its older brother JZA80 has become known for.

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