Spyra One Is a Next Generation Water Gun for Extremely Fun Water Fights

Whether you’re an adult or just a kid, water guns never go out of style. It’s always in, especially when it’s summer. The Spyra One delivers clear hits, has digital display, quick auto refill, and has constant pressure.

With its powerful water bullets and digital display, the Spyra One can deliver clear hits and show your battery and tank status. Once you run out of water, you can immediately refill the tank in just 14 seconds. It combines range and precision, making it possible for you to have extreme fun without experiencing any difficulty or hit failure.

Spyra One integrates a specifically engineered valve-nozzle technology, so no protection is needed before you can play the game. However, in order to attain optimum range and precision, this water gun requires low pressure levels.

Designed with digital display, you no longer have to guess how much water is left in your tank since it allows you to gain full control up to the last water bullet. Once you shoot, the digital display will count down up to the last water bullet. As for the battery, the Spyra One can last throughout the day with a total of 1125 shots and 45 refill cycles.

The Spyra One components include the following:

  • Mechanical Filter – prevents particles from entering the water system
  • Automatic Integrated Pump – refills and repressurizes the tank
  • Full Electronic Trigger System – releases exactly 30 ml of water with each slot
  • Textured Rubber Handle – for optimal grip in wet situations
  • Patent-Pending Valve-Nozzle System – hits targets across up to 7.5 meters
  • Integrated Rechargeable Battery – for 1125 shots and 45 refill cycles

The Spyra One water gun also features a rugged outer shell for maximum durability even in the wildest water fights, USB-C connection for recharging in 6 hours, and a water tank that contains exactly 25 water bullets.


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