InstaDreamer: Take control of your dreams

According to the company, InstaDreamer is a bracelet that propels you into the world where you can control your dreams, making absolutely anything possible. It is the very first bracelet to use Pavlovian conditioning through subtle vibrations to train your brain to recognize when you are dreaming in order to attain lucid and vivid dreams.

During daytime, InstaDreamer vibrates and notifies you to use the power of Pavlovian Conditioning to perform a reality check. At night, the bracelet accurately detects your REM phases, so it can vibrate once it detects your dream. Aside from the VibraSmart Conditioning Technology, this exceptional bracelet features a battery that can last for several weeks, has Biosensor Records Vitals, and a silent, vibrating alarm. It also has discreet and fully adjustable band and it’s easy to use.

With InstaDreamer, you can control time, practice your skills, conquer your fears, tackle your bucket list, break the law, fly over your favorite place, visit places you’ve only dreamed of visiting, and meet your favorite celebrities, idols, or role models.  Unlike the standard and traditional lucid dreaming solutions, this bracelet has a discrete and comfortable band that lets you wear it anywhere you go. Unlike electrode stickers, eye masks, or other products that use light and sound, the InstaDreamerwill never disrupt your sleep.

Once the bracelet is connected at night, you won’t need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for it to function. It is a 100% standalone device that will upload your data to your smartphones as soon as it connects to a network. Also, the InstaDreamer measures and provides your body’s vitals to the app so you can check your sleep cycle. It can also record your movements, pulse, and body temperature so it can automatically launch you into a lucid dream.

The InstaDreamer is made of medical grade silicone, has 8 mm thick band, and weighs approximately 21 grams. It is currently on its Kickstarter campaign. If interested, you can start pledging for $200.


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