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Dude Wipes

Whoever said that dudes don’t need wet wipes for those instances when a more thorough wash in the restroom is simply not possible obviously hasn’t come across the DUDE Wipes yet. This wet wipes uncannily reminds you of the kind of moistened wipes your wife used to clean the bottom of your baby or even that handy wet napkin that your partner always uses to wipe her hands after flushing the toilet in a public commode. However, you can bet that the guys at DUDE have seriously engineered the DUDE Wipes to be highly specific for the needs of today’s modern man-apes.

Unlike other wet wipes, the DUDE Wipes are fully biodegradable. Not only are you cleaning yourself up more effectively after a really messy affair, you’re also not extending this mess to the environment. Each wet wipe from DUDE is made of all-natural, organic fibers and integrated with natural essences to give you a completely flushable system that’s safe for the environment.

There are cucumber, marshmallow root, chamomile, oat kernel, and aloe extracts in each wipe to give your hands and skin a number of benefits that you won’t get from other types of wet wipes. For instance, the addition of aloe can have a really soothing effect on the skin as it comes with natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents. Cucumber is cooling to the skin, giving you a more refreshing feel right after wiping your hands, face, or any other part of your body that clearly needs some serious cleanup.

Oats are perfect for soaking up the nasty odor that follows after a manly mess. Whether it is after an overnight of partying with booze mixed with vomitus, other bodily fluids, and other smelly substances or a simple accident at the park, DUDE Wipes is sure to give you a clean, fresh start. It’s so effective in terms of cleaning you up and providing you with a fresh scent that you might even not want to take a bath anymore; although, this is strongly discouraged.

DUDE Wipes also comes with vitamin E to further improve the health of your skin. You’re effectively cleaning the mess while also nourishing and protecting the skin. It’s a two-pronged approach and one that is guaranteed to get highly active men right on track.

This is the perfect companion for anyone who travels to places where the sanitary conditions are suspect at best.

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