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Living in the suburbs, it’s often difficult to have any privacy. We’re often in close proximity to all of your neighbors and our homes are often facing the street in full view of passing cars. The temptation is often there to fence off the entire front yard, but that can make the front of the house look more like an impenetrable compound and less like a family home.

One of the best solutions for such a problem is to plant hedges along your property line. Hedges are a natural and inexpensive solution to the privacy problem. A nice hedge adds charm to the street view of your home, without exposing the front of your house to nosy neighbors.

The only problem with hedges is that they are continuously growing and they don’t always grow uniformly. That means they need regular trimming. This is often a job that is not a favorite with the home handyman so anything that can make this chore easier will be welcome. Hedge trimmers are the best way to keep your hedges neatly trimmed and the best hedge trimmers will help you to keep your hedges looking their best. We’ve chosen a selection of hedge trimmers that we think you will love.

The Best Hedge Trimmers


DEWALT DCHT820B 20v Max Hedge Trimmer

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dewalt dcht820b 20v max hedge trimmer
dewalt dcht820b 20v max hedge trimmer

Dewalt is a name you can trust when it comes to power tools and to make trimming hedges easier, you’ll love this cordless hedge trimmer. DEWALT DCHT820B 20v Max Hedge Trimmer has a powerful high output motor that can tackle even the toughest of hedges and the compact and lightweight design eliminates the strain on your arms. You can purchase the battery and the charger separately, and once charged you will get your hedges perfectly trimmed every time. If you love cordless tools, check out our guide to the best cordless drills.

Key Features:

Part of the 20V MAX system of tools

Powerful high output motor

Cutting strokes/minimum: 2800 spm

Cuts up to 3/4″ thick branches, 22″ laser cut

Compact and lightweight design


  • BrandDEWALT
  • ModelDCHT820B
  • Weight8.8 pounds


Makita XHU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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makita xhu02z 18v lxt lithium-ion cordless 22
makita xhu02z 18v lxt lithium-ion cordless 22

Keep your hedges looking great all year round with this great cordless hedge trimmer from Makita. Makita XHU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 22″ Hedge Trimmer is the best cordless hedge trimmer for yards with well-established hedges because you don’t need to drag around cables or worry about running out of fuel. The blades will cut through stray branches and the anti-vibration structure will stop your hands and arms from getting the shakes. It’s also quieter than many other models which is great for your ears.

Key Features:

Makita-built motor

Delivers 1,350 SPM for increased cutting speed

22″ blade provides increased cutting capacity

Anti-vibration structure

Battery capacity warning system

Lower noise level for improved user comfort


  • BrandMakita
  • ModelXHU02Z
  • Weight9 pounds


Husqvarna 122HD60 Dual Action Hedge Trimmer

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Husqvarna has this great gas powered hedge trimmer for those who have a whole lot of hedges to trim. The machine starts quickly with a minimum of effort thanks to its Smart Start Engine and the carburetor air purge system means you won’t get that stop start issue when you try to start Husqvarna Dual Action Hedge Trimmer. It has an adjustable rear handle that makes it easier to negotiate all around your hedges for a nice even trimming job and the anti-vibration dampeners make trimming hedges easier on your arms and hands. You’ll get this weekend chore done quickly, accurately and with ease. If you love working around your garden, check out our guide to the best electric chainsaws as well.

Key Features:

Machine starts quickly with minimum effort

Carburetor air purge system

Adjustable rear handle

Anti-vibration dampeners


  • BrandHusqvarna
  • Model122HD60
  • Weight16.55 pounds


BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 40-Volt High Performance Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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black+decker lht2436 40-volt high performance cordless hedge trimmer
black+decker lht2436 40-volt high performance cordless hedge trimmer

Make short work of your weekend work with this Black & Decker High Performance Hedge Trimmer. It features a powerful 40-volt lithium ion battery that is rechargeable, so you won’t need extension cables or fuel canisters when you work. The 24-inch duel action blade delivers less vibration than a single blade so less strain on your arms and it quickly cuts branches up to 3/4-inch thick. Get the job of hedge trimming done fast so you can enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Key Features:

Powerful 40-volt lithium ion rechargeable battery

24-inch dual-action blade

Shearing blade quickly cuts branches up to 3/4-inch thick

Full wrap-around front handle

Include LHT2436 Trimmer,40V MAX* lithium ion battery


  • ModelLHT2436
  • Weight6.9 pounds


Worx WG255.1 20V PowerShare Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer

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worx wg255.1 20v powershare 20
worx wg255.1 20v powershare 20

You’ll love this hedge trimmer from Worx as it is likely the best electric hedge trimmer in the Worx range. Worx WG255.1 20V PowerShare 20″ Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer is lightweight and compact in design and as it is also cordless it’s easier to use as you maneuver around even the trickiest hedges. The dual action cutting blades are great for fast clean cuts with a minimum of vibration so you can get make light work of getting your hedges looking neat and manicured. Our handy guide to the best wood axes features more great products like this.

Key Features:

Lightweight compact cordless design

Dual-action cutting blades for fast clean cuts with less vibration

Overmold soft grip handle for better grip and less fatigue

Ultra-lightweight, ergonomic design

Batteries can be used for all 20V WORX tools


  • BrandWorx
  • ModelWG255.1
  • Weight6 pounds


Remington RM4522TH Electric Hedge Trimmer With Titanium Blades

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remington rm4522th 4.5-amp 22-inch electric hedge trimmer with titanium blades
remington rm4522th 4.5-amp 22-inch electric hedge trimmer with titanium blades

A good looking hedge is easy with this Remington Electric Hedge Trimmer. It features lightweight design and superior balance for outstanding accuracy. The in-line design features cushioned grip so it’s also comfortable to use. The titanium coated dual action blades cut through thick hedges and the storage scabbard for the blade will ensure your hedge trimmer and the blades will last. It also features a cord lock so the cable will not disconnect the 4.5 amp electric motor is strong enough to power through those pesky branches.

Key Features:

Lightweight design and superior balance

4.5-amp electric motor

22-inch titanium-coated dual action blades

In-line design with cushioned grip

Includes storage scabbard to cover blade


  • BrandRemington
  • ModelRM4522TH
  • Weight10 pounds


Echo Cht-58vbt Lithium-Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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Hedge cutters are generally made to last so sometimes a refurbished one will work just as well as a new one. This ECHO CHT-58VBT 24″ 58-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer has been certified as refurnished and works and looks just like a new one. It has passed through the functionality testing process so you know you’re getting a good products and it is powered by a 58-Volt lithium-Ion Battery so you can get your yard work done fast. Love this product? Check out our review of the best circular saws for our top picks.

Key Features:

58-Volt lithium-Ion Battery

Certified Refurbished product looks and works like new

Refurbishing process includes functionality testing

Comes with all relevant accessories


Greenworks 24-Inch 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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greenworks 24-inch 40v cordless hedge trimmer
greenworks 24-inch 40v cordless hedge trimmer

For superior cutting and trimming power you can’t overlook this Greenworks heavy duty hedge trimmer. You can trim up to 350 yards of hedges with ease thanks to the long lasting battery and the 24-inch dual action steel blade. This hedge trimmer makes light work of your hedges so you can get them looking pristine from all angles.

Key Features:

G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery

Includes 2AH Battery and Charger

Innovative 180 degree rotating rear handle

24-Inch dual action steel blade

2/3-Inch cutting capacity


  • BrandGreenworks
  • Model22262
  • Weight8.26 pounds


EGO Power+ 24-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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ego power+ 24-inch 56-volt lithium-ion cordless hedge trimmer
ego power+ 24-inch 56-volt lithium-ion cordless hedge trimmer

No one really likes yard work so anything that will make the job of trimming hedges faster and easier is a welcome piece of equipment. This EGO Power+ 24-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer has a weather-resistant construction so you can finish trimming your hedges even if it starts to rain a little. Zje 56-Volt lithium-ion battery lets you work for an hour when it’s fully charged and the dual action blades cut through tough branches fast. Find more great products like this by checking out our guide to the best band saws.

Key Features:

24 in. dual-action, hardened steel reciprocating blades

3/4 in. cut capacity

Up to a 1 hour run time with fully charged battery

Weather-resistant construction

Electronic brake stops blade action quickly for improved control


  • BrandEGO Power+
  • ModelHT2400
  • Weight6.2 pounds


Earthwise CVPH41018 18-Inch 2.8-Amp Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer

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Super tall hedges are no match against this telescopic hedge trimmer from Earthwise. The handle of this trimmer is a lightweight fiberglass pole that can be extended for those taller hedges or hard to reach hedges. Earthwise CVPH41018 Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer also features a 150-degree head that can rotate to six different positions so you can trim your hedges quickly and efficiently leaving you with more time to relax on the weekend.

Key Features:

Two tools in one: hedge trimmer and pole hedge trimmer

18″ blade length with 3/4″ maximum cutting width

150-degree / 6-position rotating head

Lightweight fiberglass pole

Blade cover and aluminum blade support


  • BrandEarthwise
  • ModelCVPH41018
  • Weight10 pounds

Hedge Trimmers Buying Guide & FAQ

Features To Look For In Hedge Trimmers

Power Source – When it comes to the power source of hedge trimmers you have the option of choosing a gas hedge trimmer or an electric hedge trimmer. The gas powered hedge trimmers tend to be a little bit stronger than electric hedge trimmers, but you will need to ensure you have enough fuel in your canister to get all your hedges trimmed. The best petrol hedge trimmer will not guzzle the fuel too quickly so you can get as much of your hedges trimmed from each filling of the reservoir. Electric powered hedge trimmers come in two types. The first type is powered by a direct electrical supply which means the trimmer is plugged into an electrical socket. With this type you may also need a long extension cable to reach all areas of your hedges. The other electricity powered rechargeable hedge trimmer. This usually features a lithium style battery that has a great operating time and you then recharge the battery by plugging the charger into an electrical socket.

Corded vs. Cordless – Corded hedge trimmers offer the convenience of a constant power supply which means you can get your hedges trimmed without interruptions. It can be a little inconvenient however, as you may need one or more extension cables to reach all the hedges in your yard. Cordless hedge trimmer are a lot easier to use as you don’t have any cables getting in your way, however, you face running out of fuel or battery power. It comes down to your personal preferences and the size of your hedges.

Type – As we’ve already discusses there are 3 main types of hedge trimmers. They include electric, cordless and gas powered hedge trimmers. The other things that distinguish one hedge trimmer from another are the types of blades. You have the option of a single blade or dual action blades. The one you choose should depend on the types of hedges you have, their size and how many hedges you need to keep trimmed in your yard.

an electric hedge trimmer

Blade – When it comes to the blades of most hedge trimmers you have the option of single or dual action blades. Single bladed hedge trimmers are usually more suited to well-maintained hedges that only need a minimum of trimming and usually only cut in one direction. Dual blades are for serious hedge trimming work and for those hedges that may have been neglected for a while. They are also more suitable for thicker hedges that may need a little more work to get to a nice manicured look.

Weight – Most hedge or bush trimmers don’t weigh too much, however, if you’ve ever tried to trim hedges for over an hour or so, even the lightest ones start to feel like a burden. Check the weight of a hedge trimmer before you decide to purchase one. A lightweight hedge trimmer simply means you will be able to get more work done before your aching arms insist on taking a break.

Cut Length – The length you can cut with your hedge trimmer will depend on the length of the actual blade. The longer the blade, the more of your hedges you can trim in one go. Keep in mind though, that a longer blade also equates to more weight which may make the trimmer harder to operate for longer periods. Then too, if you don’t have a steady hand, the longer, heavier blade may make it more difficult to achieve that perfectly manicured look for your hedges.

trimming the hedges

Reach – If your hedges are high, you may not want to pull out a ladder every single time. That’s when a long reach hedge trimmer may be the way to go. Similarly, some hedges are wider than others and this means you will need a fair bit of reach to trim the tops evenly. Otherwise, you will need to trim one side first, before walking around and repeating the process on the other side.

Safety Features – Look at what your hedge trimmer can do. It can cut through branches almost effortlessly. Unfortunately, that also means it the blade of your hedge trimmer can do some serious damage to your fingers or any other body part it comes into contact with. When looking at the safety features, pay close attention to the hand guard. This basically keeps your hands and fingers from making any contact with the blades. Also look at getting a hedge trimmer with a blade guard. This may seem somewhat unnecessary, but the teeth on the blades can be sharp and you may unwittingly cut yourself on these teeth while you carry your trimmer around. If the blade is covered, you can be sure your hands are safe.

man with a hedge trimmer

Types Of Hedge Trimmers

Double-sided Hedge Trimmers – These hedge trimmers feature blades on both sides. In essence, what the blade actually consists of is two blades alongside each other. During operation, both blades are moving in opposite directions of each other which make the sawing motion. Double-sided hedge trimmers work well at quickly and evenly cutting and shaping your hedges.

Single-sided Hedge Trimmers – A hedge trimmer with a single side or single blade feature one blade moving backwards and forwards with the teeth cutting through the hedges to give them the trimmed shapes you want.

Long Reach or Pole Hedge Trimmers – For hard to reach hedges you need a long hedge trimmer. Most of these types feature a pole or long handle that you can use to reach the tops of taller hedges or reach around to some hard to get parts of the head. Some of these poles are telescopic in nature so you can lengthen them and shorten them as needed.

man using a hedge trimmer

Hedge Trimmer Maintenance Tips

Keep the cutting blades clean – After each use of your hedge trimmer, clear the blades of debris and sap. Failure to do so may cause the buildup of substances on the blades which could eventually cause the entire blade to seize up. This is not just bad for the blades, but the motor as well.

Keep the air filter clean – This is especially important if you have a gas or fuel powered hedge trimmer to keep a clean flow of air going through your motor, thus preventing it from overheating.

Keep the blades sharp – It goes without saying that after many uses, the blades of your hedge trimmer will start to lose their sharpness. This can lessen the effectiveness of your trimmer and put strain on the motor.

Tighten anything that comes loose – If you notice any of the screws or other components become loose, tighten them immediately. Anything loose can come off and that could be a disaster.

Lubricate the blades – After each use, clean the blades and the rest of the hedge trimmer as well. Once you’ve done that, lubricate the blades as well so they move smoothly and cut your hedges efficiently.

a man trimming the hedges

Hedge Trimmer FAQ

Q: How do you use a hedge trimmer?

A: When using your hedge trimmer, the first consideration is whether you are maintaining a well-established hedge, or shaping a new one. Maintaining nicely manicured and established hedges is obviously easier and simply involves guiding your hedge trimmer over the edges of your edge to achieve nice, neat lines and shapes again. If you are shaping a hedge for the first time, you may need to set up some string with the aid of a spirit level to ensure you trim the hedge in straight lines.

Q: What is the best time to trim a hedge?

A: The best time to trim a hedge will depend on the type of hedges you have. Most hedges can be trimmed several times during the summer when they start to lose their nice shape. However, if you have a flowering hedge, you should avoid trimming until it stops flowering Otherwise, you may do more harm than good and stunt the growth of your hedges. Deciduous hedges are best trimmed in the early spring before any real growth begins. You can also trim these ones just before the winter.

Q: How do you sharpen hedge trimmer blades?

A: Many hedge trimmers come with their own blade sharpening tool, but even if yours didn’t come with this tool you can still sharpen your hedge trimmer blades using a small flat file. Simply run the file gently, but quickly over each burr or tooth. Always sit your hedge trimmer on a flat surface, like a workbench to do this and make sure there is no chance the trimmer can accidentally be turned on. Sharpening the blades is generally best done after cleaning, and definitely when you notice your trimmer has lost some of its efficiency or if the trimmer starts to snag on branches while you’re trimming your hedges.

a woman trimming the hedges in the yard

Q: How do you clean hedge trimmer blades?

A: When cleaning your hedge trimmer blades, always ensure you remove any bits and pieces of twigs and leaves first. Once the blade is clear, wipe it down with the appropriate lubricants. This process will also remove any traces of dirt, dust and debris. You will also remove any sap while you are applying a lubricant. Keep the rest of the trimmer clean too, as this will ensure keeping dirt and grime away from the blades as well.

The best hedge trimmers have been designed to make yard maintenance easier, make light work of trimming your hedges and keep them looking pristinely manicured. This will give your whole yard a beautiful appearance to all those who pass by your home, and you’ll get a nice degree of privacy as well. Get yourself a hedge trimmer from one of those we have featured and you’ll have the best looking hedges in your neighborhood.

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